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Sarah Forde

Sarah is passionate about making training and relationships with the dogs we share our lives with fun and cooperative. She loves behavior modification and using techniques based in behavioral psychology to break big training goals into achievable steps to help make learning easy, fun, and successful. Sarah has been training dogs professionally since 2016, and is an AKC CGC and Trick Dog Evaluator. Her goal is to help dogs and people both understand each other more clearly for a better relationship. She has worked with student dogs from nearly every breed, and is very flexible about customizing her training style to the dogs she’s working with.

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About this course

This class will go over the process of teaching your dog how to stay still during nail trims, how to trim nails correctly and safely, and how to teach your dog to actually enjoy nail trims. A major focus of this class is on building consent, meaning teaching dogs that they can say yes (or no) to getting their nails trimmed. Giving dogs the power of choice in grooming situations goes a long way towards building confidence for our dogs, building positive feelings into grooming and handling, and most importantly in preventing situations where our dogs feel the need to bite. I will also go in depth into what the structure of nails actually looks like, how to trim nails to avoid the quick, and how to trim nails to recede the quicks (if you're trying to shorten your dog's nails but the quicks are long). Many of the concepts from this class can be applied to other aspects of grooming as well, such as combing, tooth brushing, paw cleaning, and more!

Dogs that are appropriate for this class: dogs of all ages from puppy to senior are appropriate for this class. While we will go over how to prevent bites and set our dogs up for success, I would recommend working privately with a trainer if your dog has a significant bite history related to grooming or handling.