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Sarah Forde

Sarah is passionate about making training and relationships with the dogs we share our lives with fun and cooperative. She loves behavior modification and using techniques based in behavioral psychology to break big training goals into achievable steps to help make learning easy, fun, and successful. Sarah has been training dogs professionally since 2016, and is an AKC CGC and Trick Dog Evaluator. Her goal is to help dogs and people both understand each other more clearly for a better relationship. She has worked with student dogs from nearly every breed, and is very flexible about customizing her training style to the dogs she’s working with.

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About this course

Does your dog pull like a freight train on leash? Lunge towards squirrels and anything else that catches his interest? Plop down and refuse to go forward? This class will teach you and your dog how to walk with ease - no pulling, no stress, no worries. We will go over common mistakes, easy changes to set your dog up for success,  ways to reinforce your dog for good walking without needing to always carry treats, games and exercises to teach good leash manners, and more! This class uses positive reinforcement to teach our dogs what appropriate leash walking looks like, as well as management to prevent our dogs from practicing bad behaviors. 

Dogs that are appropriate for this class: this class is excellent for dogs of all ages that pull on leash due to excitement, fixation on distractions, or to get to smells. It is also good for dogs who stop and sniff smells constantly during walks. Pulling or refusing to walk due to extreme fear or environmental anxiety will not be addressed in this class, and should be worked on privately with a trainer. Additionally, dogs who are walking slowly or erratically due to pain or injury are not appropriate for this class.