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Run Wild Agility

Run Wild Agility started in 2016 as an agility coaching school to help build up students and aid them in achieving their competitive goals. Run Wild Agility focuses on building and maintaining a strong agility foundation with all of their students so they can be successful in any venue. Jordan Biggs and Hana Spitz are the two head instructors at Run Wild Agility. Both provide an enthusiastic and engaging atmosphere where students and their dogs can be successful. Our main focus is building and maintaining a strong agility foundation through play based methods. We focus on building skills that the dogs UNDERSTAND so they can be successful in any venue. We believe a strong understanding of verbals, independence and commitment is extremely important to be successful in competition and strive to provide that to all of our students.

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About this course

Verbals For Agility

Verbals in agility have become one of the most needed skills for both dogs and handlers. Verbal cues are extremely important to help dogs differentiate and discriminate between obstacles regardless of where the handler is positioned.   No matter the venue, your ability to communicate with your dog can be greatly enhanced with solid verbal understanding and skills. Want to know the best part? It doesn't matter if you are the fastest handler or the slowest! You can build your verbal understanding with your dog so they ALWAYS understand it, wherever you are!

This course will walk you through how you can teach your dog to UNDERSTAND verbals. It will help you and your dog master all the skills needed to have consistent verbal understanding in any situation. 

In this course your dog will learn - 

  • Verbal discriminations
  • The value of your verbals 
  • Verbals with handler motion
  • Breaking naughty equipment self rewarding habits
  • How to truly understand each of your verbals

Course Structure - 

  • Three large lessons over four weeks long
  • Four weeks of instructor feedback
  • Video review of your training (working participants)
  • Unlimited questions (both working and auditing participants)
  • Downloadable written lessons
  • Video examples of each exercise

Equipment Needed - 

  • One Wing (can be wingless)
  • One Jump
  • One Tunnel

*This class is appropriate for dog 6 months and older*

Self Study Available - Self study is for anyone that wants access to the material. This will provide you lifetime access to all the lessons, videos, and explanations in the class without any instructor help.

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