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Run Wild Agility

Run Wild Agility started in 2016 as an agility coaching school to help build up students and aid them in achieving their competitive goals. Run Wild Agility focuses on building and maintaining a strong agility foundation with all of their students so they can be successful in any venue. Jordan Biggs and Hana Spitz are the two head instructors at Run Wild Agility. Both provide an enthusiastic and engaging atmosphere where students and their dogs can be successful. Our main focus is building and maintaining a strong agility foundation through play based methods. We focus on building skills that the dogs UNDERSTAND so they can be successful in any venue. We believe a strong understanding of verbals, independence and commitment is extremely important to be successful in competition and strive to provide that to all of our students.

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About this course

Follow along with Jordan as she trains tricks, shaping, fitness, verbals, running contacts and more with her new puppy Seriouslee and her puppy friends!

  • Gain a strong foundation now while your puppy is young — it's much easier for them to learn at this age!
  • Positive play-based approach using up-to-date training methods means a FUN, happy and SUCCESS-FILLED experience for puppy and handler!
  • You and your puppy will get familiar with the most current agility course styles & foundation — no need to relearn the newest styles as your puppy grows into a young dog and advances in their training!
  • Learn how to help your dog truly understand what is expected of them, setting them up now for low-frustration highly rewarding training at even advanced levels down the road!
  • Lots and LOTS of cute puppy videos and general puppy adorableness!
  • Hours of  training videos from dogs at different stages
  • Don't have a puppy right now?! Thats OK! Content stays available for you to view forever!

$85 for 6 months of training videos and explanations! 

Also, NOW AVAILABLE, the Seriouslee & Friends Agility Chronicles! Click Here for more information!

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