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Jordan Biggs

Jordan is one of the most talented dog trainers and agility handlers in the United States today, becoming a contender on the world agility stage in a very short time! Jordan won her way onto the EO team USA in Round 1 in 2019 and won Round 1 of AKC World Team Tryouts by 1.6 seconds. She won her way onto the EO Team USA again in 2020 by winning round 2! Jordan also represented the USA in Italy at the IFCS World Championships in 2018 and competed on the 2019 USA European Open Team and the 2020 European Open Team. She and Kirbee were also wildcards for 2020 World Agility Open. Jordan’s dedication to building and maintaining a strong foundation for her dogs has been a huge contributor to her success. She strives to continue to learn more about handling and offers her best to her students in any setting. She is committed to bringing out the best in each of her students. She wants to push them to be the best that they can be, helping them achieve their goals!

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About this course

Fantastic Foundations For Running Contacts!

Online Running Contact Foundation class is getting ready to start! 

Not planning on doing running contacts?? No problem! We will work on body awareness and strength building tricks that will set you and your dog up for teaching contacts of any kind! This is a great class for young or older dogs! Minimal space and equipment!

By joining this class your dog will learn -

 -  Body awareness tricks to improve their ability to navigate through challenging behaviors such as tricks or agility courses

 -  Strength building tricks to improve their coordination and strength so they can come back to agility stronger and faster

 -  Exercises to build independence in your skills

 -  Exercises for better verbals

 -  Instructor video review

 -  4 lessons & great feedback - cost is $185 for working participants 

Please email with any questions!

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