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Run Wild Agility

Run Wild Agility started in 2016 as an agility coaching school to help build up students and aid them in achieving their competitive goals. Run Wild Agility focuses on building and maintaining a strong agility foundation with all of their students so they can be successful in any venue. Jordan Biggs and Hana Spitz are the two head instructors at Run Wild Agility. Both provide an enthusiastic and engaging atmosphere where students and their dogs can be successful. Our main focus is building and maintaining a strong agility foundation through play based methods. We focus on building skills that the dogs UNDERSTAND so they can be successful in any venue. We believe a strong understanding of verbals, independence and commitment is extremely important to be successful in competition and strive to provide that to all of our students.

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About this course

NEW MATERIAL!! We have added proofing exercises for threadle wraps, threadles slices and tunnel threadles incorporating new verbals for each!

With courses and judges getting trickier…. Adding a proofed threadle into your handling is the way to go! Learn to train your dog to execute amazing threadles while you continue to run forward on course! You too can learn to threadle, all with minimal access to equipment!

This course will focus on building a great understanding on threadle slices, threadle wraps and tunnel threadles! Building and maintaining a TRAINED threadle your dog will understand regardless of your handling position! 

Threadles are becoming more common on course in a variety of situations! Jordan & Hana will help you teach your dog to understand how to threadle through gaps, threadle to the backside, and understand tunnel discriminations – all while you continue to run forward on course!

This class features:

  • Downloadable written instructions for each game and sequence
  • Video explanations
  • Video demos

Check out this video! How many threadles do you see?!?!  Click Here to see the video! 

Additional Course Details

  • Instructor
    • Jordan Biggs & Hana Spitz
  • Course dates
    • Registration is open NOW
    • Class starts November 1st
    • 6 Lessons, 6 weeks of feedback (including a 2 week catch up break)
  • Level:
    • Open to All
  • Course Structure:
    • Progressive training assignments that only require one/two jump(s). Video demos of each game or skill or drill. Questions answered and feedback from the instructor for each assignment in the class forum. Discussions with other students in the class forum and the general forum. The later lessons will give you options of using one/two jumps or tunnels but all exercises will be altered based on the equipment you have available at home.
  • Equipment needed (working participants only):
    • 1-2 Jumps, 1 Tunnel (optional in later lessons)
  • Space required (working participants only):
    • 10×10 – 20×20 (Your living room!)
  • Working Registration $195 - Click Here!
  • Auditing Registration $115 - Click Here!